Buying a New Home and Your Mortgage Options
  • Selecting a Realtor
Buying a home entails persistence, luck, and- most importantly, the right realtor. One way to find the right realtor is to complete a short online form from and start receiving personal responses from competing real estate agents. Review your prospective agent's experience, credentials, and commission rates. Also, take into account these helpful tips when deciding to buy a new home:
  • Look Locally
    If you find yourself in love with a house that is listed, do not limit yourself to the listing realtor. Check out the neighborhood and look for real estate agents that specialize in that particular area. You will, often, find an agent that has a greater knowledge of the community and it's property and/or home values.

  • Experience Counts
    When considering a realtor or a broker, never hesitate to find out how long they have been practicing. If their experience is limited in your region, it might be better to look elsewhere. Also, whenever possible, ask friends and relatives if they have any suggestions on whom to work with.

  • Ask Questions!
    If your dream home seems too good to be true - it just might be. Without being pushy, try finding out the maintenance history and problems, neighborhood info, and anything else you feel is important. Asking questions before you get far into the purchasing process can save you hassles and heartbreak down the road.

  • Convenience
    Find a real estate agent who will work around your schedule. If you are only available to view homes on nights and weekends, you won't have much luck with an agent who only works weekdays.

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